on the mend

”On The Mend – The Challenge” – ett unikt globalt musiksamarbete mot cancer. Vi har samlat musiker och artister med olika bakgrund och från olika länder för att tillsammans skapa musik. Låtarna kommer att släppas allt eftersom de blir klara och ett album – på vinyl – släpps senare i höst. Under 2016 planeras en rad spelningar, håll utkik här och på vår facebooksida för tid och plats. 

kommande spelningar

20/9 kl 12:00 Hilda Heller & The Strays – ALVA kultur (NUS sjukhusbibliotek, Umeå) 

the challenge – second single

Featuring:  Camilla Nordgren (On The Mend Band), Jeannete Haglund (On The Mend Band), Paul Alcock (Monkeyface), Bjørn Johansen (Inculcado), Evan Younger (Miracles of Modern Science), Erlend Fauske, Pelle Henriksson (Tonteknik, On The Mend Band), Mats Johansson (On The Mend Band)
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Another one - Fall of man. Hilda Heller & The Strays. ... See MoreSee Less - also in English! – in Swedish and English (sometimes) but you can always use facebook translation Thi...

Here's a song from Hilda Heller & The Strays live gig at Umeå University hospital library earlier today. Another one will be out tomorrow 🙂
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This video is about Broken Heart

Hilda Heller & The Strays today at Alva kultur. Great!!!!

On The Mend med Hilda Karlsson.

If you're in Umeå tuesday lunch: Hilda Heller & The Strays are performing at Alva kultur at 12:00.
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If youre in Umeå tuesday lunch: Hilda Heller & The Strays are performing at Alva kultur at 12:00.

On The Mend har delat Miracles Of Modern Sciences inlägg.

Please, don't.... 🙂
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Dear friends, We're ecstatic to finally share our music video for "Don't Feed the Party Animal," fresh off its premiere at the HollyShorts Film Festival. Written & directed by our own Evan Younger, it stars the amazing Jordan Clark (The Next Step / winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada), Barton Cowperthwaite (Center Stage: On Pointe), and Adam Hyndman and was choreographed and co-produced by our good friends the Kuperman Brothers. Huge thanks to our incredible crew: Arina Bleiman, Valeria De Felice, Erica Rose, Giuditta Lazzarini, J.D. Kraemer, Jose Lopez, Melanie Jeanne, Nicholas Walker, Steadicam Operator Kyle Fasanella, Julia Elaine Mills, Emily Wong, Tsubasa Matsumoto, Alex Diamond, Marlena Pavich-Bellande, Michelle Rickert, Madeline Wall, and Clayton Raithel: Comedy and Other Stuff. Thanks also to Steve Maxwell Drum Shop, Jianbing Company, YouTube Space NY, and our Patreon subscribers for their support. Love, MOMS