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on the mend

“On the Mend – The Challenge” – a global music collaboration against cancer. On The Mend is a music project that gathers people that want to engage in the fight against cancer. The project is run by Red Meadow Media that supports Cancerfonden and Cancerrehabfonden. On The Mend also supports the local project Hjältarnas Hus.

up coming events

April, 20th 2016 Guitars Umeå. Miracles of Modern Science (USA), Hilda Helller (Swe), Early Bird and The Forest (Swe), Three Minute Madness (Swe), Slow Fox (Swe)<>

April 16th 2016 ca 15.00 Burmans musik World Record Store Day.  Miracles of Modern Science (USA), Monkeyface (UK), The Heartbeat Band (Fi)

April 13th 2016 ca 20.00 Pipes of Scotland Monkeyface (UK)


1 years ago

On The Mend

Från Söndagens stor-rep med alla inblandade. Nu drar vi till Shanghai 🙂
HALM Hilda Heller IDA BOIJA Slow Fox TonteknikThis video is about Sealed Bottle
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