on the mend



”Jeanette, my wife, got sick again in 2014 – breast cancer for second time and she was about to turn 50. My father, grandfather and grandmother had all died from cancer, different types of cancer and strangely enough not the hereditary kinds, so I felt that I had to do something!” That was the start of the project “On the Mend – Songs against Cancer”. 

Mats Johansson and his wife Janette are both musicians and so when his wife got breast cancer for a second time, Mats got the idea to use music to actively do something to support the fight against cancer. Jeanette drew strength from Foo Fighters music, thus the project theme and every artist/musician who participated was asked to make a Foo Fighters cover or contribute with an original song. Mats imagined he would gather 5-6 artists/acts but the result was 76 contributing artists/musicians, one double album, 26 songs, two sold out concerts in two cities. “We had to start to say no to artists who wanted to participate, to be able to finish the project in time” – recalls Mats.

The album was sold in more than 500 hard copies and was streamed more than 50 000 times on Spotify. The project resulted also in an On the Mend – band, a group of musicians who play at for example hospital libraries, in different constellations depending on time and place.

This year the fight against cancer continues internationally with the project On the Mend – The Challenge. Established artists from USA, UK, Norway, Finland and Sweden will together create/cover music and the result will be released on all major digital platforms and also as a vinyl album during fall of 2016. A series of concerts are also planned.

All proceeds will be donated to different cancer research and cancer rehabilitation projects selected by the participating artist.

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