On The Mend - The Challenge

Stories & Teasers from all 12 songs

Christ Won’t Fix Your Heart Attacks – Inculcado, teaser and presentation, by Inculcado:

“We chose to write this song because the lyrics and feeling of the song can easily be associated with having a disease and the ups and downs of life in general. The song is an attack on life’s injustices and was written during a time that influenced the lyrics. If you listen you can hear that there is a lot of meaning between the lines.”

Staring at The Ceiling – Hilda Heller ft On The Mend Band, teaser and presentation, by Hilda:

“Staring at the Ceiling is my interpretation of facing the unimaginable. The silence and the fear that follows, a feeling of wanting to escape. Watching your life collapse and yet having to keep moving forward. The spotlight is on you now, everything else is falling apart, standing alone in the fight against darkness…”

Still Young In My Eyes – The Heartbeat Band, teaser & presentation by The Heartbeat Band:

“Still Young In My Eyes is written from a friendship and embracing life perspective. We all need to take care of the short time we have been granted and the few real friends we share this world with, in both good and bad times!”

Daughters – Early Bird & The Forest ft Janne Schaffer & Pontus Engborg, teaser and presentation, by Early Bird & The Forest:

“A song written from a family perspective. In the vicinity of those affected by cancer are always friends and relatives who struggle with other aspects and consequences of the disease. Early Bird & The Forest have not been left untouched.”
Link to song on Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/track/7MEoakw4nvRkKorYSDp5sR

Big Me ( Foo Fighters) – Miracles Of Modern Science, teaser & presentation by Miracles of Modern Science:

“We were honored to be a part of On The Mend. In the spirit of the fundraiser, put together by a major Foo Fighters fan, we wanted to use the opportunity to celebrate a Foos tune. When we take on a cover, we can’t help but tear the song apart and put it together in our own weird way with our unconventional string-baselineup. So “Big Me,” with its Beatlesque simplicity, seemed like a particularly fun challenge. Beyond that perfect melody and strummed chords, there’s not much to pick apart, so we had to balance honoring the original with some inventing – helped along by gonzo producer Pelle Henrickson. We’re thrilled that our version of “Big Me” could help fight the Big C. As they say in Sweden, fück cancer!”

Black Dog Waltz – Slow Fox, teaser & presentation by Slow Fox

I need music to say what I can not say with words alone. I need to hear others say what I can not put into words myself. When I am not strong enough to make my own music I can still find strength in leaning on the music of others. In sickness and in health we need music and each other.

Link to song on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0LTt6H8PCGsQY36tbIxz5g


I hope this project and album will be a big success and that we can raise a lot of money to donate to the fight against cancer. To name the project ”On The Mend” was my talented cousin Pär Östman’s idea. He is the one behind all graphics and merchandise for the project.


OnThe Mend – Erland Fauske ft On The Mend Band & Friends, teaser & presentation by Mats Johansson

This rendition of Foo Fighters ”On The Mend” is based on Erlend Fauskes beautiful instrumental version of the song. Erlend sent us the tracks from his studio in Bergen, Norway, and we made a quick remix with space for vocals. Then we sent a mixed mp3 to USA, UK and Norway again. In USA,Miracles Of Modern Science’s Evan Younger added some vocals. So didPaul Alcock of Monkeyface in Gloucester UK and Bjørn Morten Johansenof Inculcado in Fauske Norway.

When we got all the song tracks and videos from these nice guys we added some vocals from Jeanette Haglund and Camilla Nordgren andPelle Henricsson (the producer) added some acoustic drums at the end of the song and I (Mats Johansson) added some electric bass, also at the end of the song. We also compiled a video from the videos we got from the singers, from some of Erlends videos and some videos we filmed ourselves. This is a new version of that video.

So this song is truly an international co-production. One that Erlend felt excited about. Sadly Erlend never got to hear the finished song as he passed away in cancer on november 18th, 2015. Although I never met him I feel that he was such a good person. We had some nice email conversations and I was really looking forward to meeting him.

Red Moon – Sage Craigen, teaser & presentation, by Sage Craigen.

“Cancer truly is a horrible disease and participating in this is a step in the right direction, Music is my passion and its good to see that I can help people in need with music.”


Ojämnt underlag – teaser & presentation, by Rubberfox/Gummiräven

“For those whose lives runs outside the main path.”

Into My Life – Monkeyface, teaser & presentation, by Monkeyface

”The Monkeyface involvement with On The Mend was through a series of complete coincidences! We were first in contact with the On The Mend project in 2015, as we had a charity single out in the UK for a project called ‘The Knock On Effect’, which was also raising funds in the fight against cancer. Our lead singer, Paul, was friends with Camilla’s sister. Paul also works for the SevernFM radio station in the UK, and offered to play ‘Another Round’ which was a song taken from the 2015 project, and which was sung by Camilla.

As a result of all of this, when we heard that On The Mend was running another project in 2016, Monkeyface offered to help out in any way we could. The result of all of those events, is ‘Into My Life’.

Paul wrote the song, taking inspiration from the Foo Fighters theme from last year and set out to write a song that had the feel of a true Foo’s song. The result is a piece of brilliance from Pelle Henricsson, that combines a driving Foo’s style riff, with some crashing Brit-Rock touches. The 3-part harmonies in the chorus added a touch of the ‘swinging 60’s’ to the whole mix. The song has been described as being ‘like the Sex Pistols got together with the Beatles and had a baby’.

We are so proud to be part of a project which is raising funds in the fight against this awful illness. Our first single ‘You’re Amazing’ was written about an incredible young girl in the UK, Rosie Kilburn, who tragically died of cancer, aged just 17. She was a fighter, and never gave up. She set up ‘The Knock On Effect’ in order to do something positive, and to raise funds and awareness. On The Mend is carrying on with that incredible fight and we are so pleased to have been able to contribute. Mats, and the rest of the team have been an inspiration to us during our time in Sweden. To Mats, Camilla, Senada, Pelle and everybody else that we met and worked with in Umea, love, respect and peace. Let’s show cancer who’s boss.”

Three Magic Words – Oliver Bohman, teaser & presentation by Oliver Bohman:

“I have seen and experienced how cancer affects friends and family. That’s why it´s so important to me to participate in the fight against cancer.”

Sara Holmström – Du finns kvar, presentation and full length video:

“Cancer, cancer, cancer … I get the chills every time I hear the word .. A disease becoming more and more common, and many struggle fiercly aginst this disease. As an artist I want to support On The Mend – The Challenge and help raise money for such an incredibly important cause! I wanted to speak from my soul so I wrote a song about my son who never got the chance to live.
Together we can make a difference !!”

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