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On The Mend – The Challenge

  • Erlend Fauske (NO) ft On The Mend Band & Guests (UK, NO, USA, SWE) – On The Mend
  • Early Bird & The Forest ft Janne Schaffer & Pontus Engborg (SWE) – Daughters
  • Sara Holmström (SWE) – Du finns kvar
  • Slow Fox (SWE) – Black Dog Waltz
  • Hilda Heller ft On The Mend Band (SWE) – Staring At The Ceiling
  • Sage Craigen (AUS) – Red Moon
  • Monkeyface (UK) – Into My Life
  • Miracles of Modern Science (USA) – Big Me
  • The Heartbeat Band (FIN) ft Miracles of Modern Science (USA) – Still Young In My Eyes
  • Inculcado (NO) – Christ Won’t Fix Your Heart Attacks
  • Oliver Bohman (SWE) – Three Magic Words
  • Gummiräven/Rubberfox (SWE) – Ojämnt Underlag

On The Mend  – songs against cancer

  • Three Minute Madness: All My Life
  • Over and Out: These Days
  • Carolina Miskovsky: Walking After You
  • Betøng: Everlong
  • Big Red Machine: Monkey Wrench
  • Mates of Mine: Something From Nothing
  • Vi heter JA!: Blå Kalsonger
  • Slow Fox: Long Road To Ruin
  • Rikard From och Åsa Mjörndal: Home
  • Camilla Nordgren: Another Round
  • Henke Baer och Anders Mattsson: My Hero
  • Reloaded: Rope
  • Binary Creed: My Choice
  • On The Mend Band: Resolve
  • Jeanette & Stråkkvartetten: From Can to Can´t
  • Patrik Vannerberg: Stranger Things Have Happened
  • Queenfish & Other Tales: Times Like These
  • TrashPearl: But Honestly
  • Fuse: Gimme Stitches
  • Jonas Strandgård: Dylan´s Tune
  • Kaj Backman & Corrado Rossi: In The Night
  • Johanna Lüddeckens Persson: Best Of You
  • Tap ‘n’ P: I Am A River
  • Sten Sax Påse: Jag har fallit 
  • Halm: Wheels
  • Ida Boija: Tired Of You

Totalt 37 låtar varav 23 ursprungligen skrivna av Foo Fighters (en av dem tillsammans med andra, Scott Reeder, Corey Taylor och Rick Nielsen, i filmen Sound City) 

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